Who we are…

We are an expert mould removal company who is dedicated to giving all our clients a safe and clean environment to live in, free from toxic contaminants like mould!

We understand how important it is to our clients to have their home or office as a safe place to live or work in that promotes healthy environment.

Located in Macclesfield, we understand how frustrating it can be when you begin to see mould growing on walls or other surfaces. In many cases, the mould is not even growing in a visible place, but residents in a home or workers in an office start suffering from physical symptoms as a result of the mould in their environment. We know how impossible it can be to go through your daily routine when plagued by the exhaustion, headaches, and other symptoms that mould can result in for those who are exposed to it. For this reason, we know the secrets to ensuring that the mould infestation in any home or office is completely eradicated so those who use the building will no longer be affected by its presence.

Many mould companies might come in and remove the mould growth in a building, but not completely get rid of the mould from its source by thoroughly removing every last bit of it and uncovering any leaks that might be the cause of the mould growth in the first place. This just allows it to grow back again after the removal company leaves, and this causes the owners of these buildings to have to start all over again at step one again once the mould comes creeping back on their walls once more. This is why, at Macclesfield Mould Removal, we ensure that we know exactly what we are doing to completely handle your problem the first time so you don’t have to just call us back to restart the process all over again.

We have a team of highly qualified and skilled individuals who know all of the tricks of the trade in order to quickly locate the source of your mould growth and removing it in a method that will prevent it from occurring all over again. Mould can be a serious issue in a lot of residential and commercial buildings and, for this reason, we ensure to have the problem taken care of as quickly as possible to prevent the infestation from taking a toll on any of our clients’ or their families’ health.

We are a passionate company that is dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients, which is why we are serious about providing each of our clients with a quick, thorough and quality service each and every time. This is why we offer a free, no obligation quote to all of our potential clients. We want to give everyone the chance to ensure that they are working with the mould removal company that works best for their needs and personal situation.